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I could go on a terror about how hypocritical and wrong the government is by doing this, but right now I'm more interested in seeing if anyone out there knows of a way that he can get around the web blocking measures that have been applied which allow such censorship.

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The games were broadcast in the New York City area by NBC's WNBT, CBS's WCBS-TV and Du Mont's WABD and sponsored by Gillette and Ford.

The 1947 World Series brought in an estimated 3.9 million viewers, becoming television's first mass audience.

Mutual may have been reindulging in dreams of becoming a television network or simply taking advantage of a long-standing business relationship; in either case, the broadcast rights were sold to NBC in time for the following season's games at an enormous profit.

I want to be somewhere where my room is bigger than a broom closet!

""These nights are too damn quiet for me; get me back to where you can't go an hour without a train whistling or a dog barking or a drive-by!

NBC aired the second and third games of the 1951 National League tie-breaker series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants, necessitated by the teams' finishing the regular season in a tie for first place.

NBC television's relationship with Major League Baseball technically dates back to August 26, 1939.

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