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The first incident occurred on a train travelling between Redfern and Parramatta on November 12, and left a woman screaming, before she moved seats and the man left the carriage.

One week later and again on November 30 he caught a city-bound train from Penrith and repeated the crime.

After the men left the room, the woman discovered that she lost 0 and her i Phone worth RM500 (4).

While this was happening, Hossain’s accomplice, Molla Mamun, hid outside a window.

The data suggests that women are, predictably, more progressive than men. And, significantly, men and women seem to be improving at approximately the same rates.

Society, as a whole, is heading in the right direction.

When the victim reached the hotel room, Hossain dragged her inside and Molla entered through the window.

Hossain pushed the victim onto the bed and ransacked her bag to steal her money.

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