Www enddatingviolence com

Well, I still have not returned to the rat race (what an awful phrase LOL, I am not a rat, but I am running the race, and will faint not).

I still have limited computer access on a computer I commandeer for a small period during the day.

Also, this is going out to people who are not credit union members as well.

However, let us not forget that amidst our celebrations are those who have very little to celebrate - no job, no shelter, no food.

And then there are those who are being abused physically, mentally and sexually.

Nationally, one in three teenagers will deal with physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse in a relationship and two-thirds of them will never report it to anyone (Teen Dating Abuse Survey, TRU 2005).

The organizations are lobbying Oklahoma lawmakers to introduce preemptive legislation to educate students about domestic violence and healthy relationships.

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