Whos dating rufus sewell

Because otherwise it just makes a joke of the whole idea! I mean, I've only had one experience with doing a series on network television in America and that was quite a salutary lesson [he starred in on CBS in 2008].

There's been a lot of talk about how 'traditional' television compares to streaming shows. You think you've been offered a job by one group of people...

But he also has a capacity to be unbelievably cruel and merciless and he thinks that's in the name of right. You don't do a show like this for four / five months without thinking about things like that all the time.

Do you have to tread carefully though when you're making a series that deals in those themes? It was the subject of pretty much all our conversations.

Because they're trying to appeal to the widest possible base - including idiots!

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Networks feel a pressure to appeal to the widest common denominator at all times, so everything becomes so homogenised - the characters, the clothes, the music choices, the political choices espoused…

The film was to be executive produced by Emma Thompson, and written and directed by Fay Efrosini Lellios.

The shooting was set to start in June 1998 in New Hampshire.

and then you realise that they are really answering to another group - a much larger, more powerful group of faceless bureaucrats.

I remember doing this American TV series and having people coming to visit me, asking me if I could smile more!

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