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However, seven years healed old wounds as Zac rejoined the band for After Laughter.

In other Paramore news, the Strokes-covering band announced their third annual Parahoy!

A day before Paramore released their new LP After Laughter, the band tidied up some legal matters after reaching a settlement with their former bassist and founding member Jeremy Davis.

In December 2015, Paramore announced that Davis had parted ways with the group, leaving – at the time – Hayley Williams as the band’s lone original member.

It took a lot of restraint and a lot of faith.’ To add to the strain, the split came after achieving their greatest success – their third album, 2009’s Brand New Eyes, reached No.1 in Britain.

What followed was some soul-searching between Williams, 24, and the remaining members, guitarist Taylor York and bass player Jeremy Davis, over what to do next.

It’s a bit of a departure from their usual pop-punk sound. ‘We knew we’d have to convince some people but it’s been a very positive experience for us,’ she says. We’ve always been too rock for pop and too pop for rock.

We didn’t set out to be a punk or pop band, we’re just Paramore. To cut it short, when it comes to what category we’re in, I really couldn’t possibly care any less.’ She says if you want to understand Paramore, you need to see one of their shows.

We already knew he was drumming on the new album, but he hadn’t been a full-fledged member since leaving (along with his brother Josh) on less-than-amicable terms back in 2010.cruise) so the good news is especially comforting to fans. ‘It was the worst day of my life,’ says Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams of the day, almost three years ago, her ex-bandmate and ex-boyfriend, Josh Farro, wrote a blog denouncing his old group as a ‘manufactured product of a major label’ in which the members were treated ‘as less important than Hayley’.‘There were days I’d wake up and think, “this is pointless”,’ she says.‘There were times I thought I’d have to get another job.

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