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According to the BPI, Tasty went platinum in the United Kingdom, selling over 300,000 copies, and "Milkshake" went silver, selling over 200,000 units.

The album's second single, the Dallas Austin-produced "Trick Me", went to the top ten in many European countries during mid-2004; it did not, however, garner success in the U. in the absence of promotion from Jive Records, the label Kelis had been transferred to after Arista Records folded at the time of Tasty Kelis's success grew in Australia, where Tasty went gold with over 35,000 copies sold, and where "Milkshake" and "Trick Me" went platinum (selling over 70,000 copies each).

My experience could be the wrong thing for his life and what’s ahead of him. It’s too bad Nas and Kelis had to go through what they did but the important thing is he didn’t come out of the situation with the same mindset to repeat the mistake again.

A lot of older people are giving the worst advice, based on the problems they had.

One minute we knew Kelis was pregnant with their child, the next they were getting a divorce and Nas was paying out one of the largest alimony/child support payments we’d ever heard of. Like I was saying earlier, there’s a lot that I could tell my kids, but they’ve got to fish it out for themselves. Plus, she is younger than me and she hadn’t seen all the things I had seen. In the beginning, I said, “There’s parts of this that might not work,” but there was a beautiful part of it, too. When he knew it was over There was a point where we were trying to hold onto a relationship that was finished.

But years later, 38-year-old Nas has opened up to Whether he knew him and Kelis weren’t going to make it as a couple Yeah, but it was a problem I was attracted to. I saw Kelis as Courtney Love—but I also saw her as a mahogany queen. For the most part, I had a great time being married. She was pregnant and in the studio while we were recording Distant Relatives, and he would move when the music would come on.

Accepting that I failed at this relationship—and it was public—messed me up. What their relationship is like now It’s a lot better. From what I see, she’s being a good mom, and it’s working toward a great place. Michelle Obama is the most beautiful woman on the planet. All first ladies have their jobs to do, but you can feel her sincerity.

Her fifth studio album, Flesh Tone was released on May 14, 2010.

There were times when it didn’t bother me, and there were times when it bothered me a lot. I had this sh** all planned out, and now I’ve failed’. I got to a point where I was like, “Did she always hate me? How he feels about losing money in the divorce It’s f***ed up when money’s involved in divorce. I can’t take it with me, so someone can take the money. How he feels about women now I’m taken aback by the beauty of women. A bad b**** can be a younger woman, in her early 20s, but wise beyond her years.

That was hard on me, because I don’t like to fail at anything. Anyone that I’m married to, if I give you my life, I give you my heart, I love you—my money is nothing. It’s just sad that when you’re dealing with love and life and marriage, that marriage is a contract. There was a time when I only saw big breasts and thick a**es. It could be a woman in her late 30s, who’s cool as hell, smart, and has great motherly qualities—or has great motivational skills, or is a powerful mover and shaker in her own career….

Kelis's second album, Wanderland, was released in 2001 in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, but did not receive a North American release. In 2002, Kelis recorded "So Be It" for the Red Hot Organization's Fela Kuti tribute CD, Red Hot and Riot, from which all proceeds were donated to AIDS awareness charities. She stated in an interview: "I felt like I had a lot to prove with this album.

The same year, she had a top 20 US club hit with a remix of "Young, Fresh 'n' New" remix produced by Timo Maas, who subsequently featured Kelis on his single "Help Me". People had started messing with me along the lines of 'Is she REALLY any good without The Neptunes? And so I was like 'I'll take that challenge'." The single and album immediately found success in Europe.

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