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My gosh, the girl is brilliant, beautiful and a ridiculous dancer.The duo clicked a snap where Jordan is posing with the big smile on his face while his fiance Annie is holding her hand up to her face and showing off a square-cut diamond ring.The Golf Digest shared the picture of the couple on the Instagram.It’s no secret that Jason Glover was one of our favorite contestants on “So You Think You Can Dance” season 5—just read our blogs! He understands dancers in a way that other choreographers don’t, because he still is a dancer and was once a contestant. JS: Man, I had never worked with anyone that amazing.As he gets ready for the tour, we got him to open about working with Travis, his dream job and, of course, those steamy onstage kisses with Jeanine and Caitlin! Jason Glover: All the choreographers were really great with me. I’ll be honest with you—we didn’t rehearsal that routine once during our free time. I'm going to get cheesy on you—it was made to be and meant to happen.

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