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Kristin Landen Davis knew she wanted to be an actress since she was nine years old but the journey to her dreams was not a straight path.

She worked as a restaurant waitress in New York and another time, as a yoga teacher.

' Things go through your head when you're in those situations that are heightened like that.

Davis got to work with several cast members during her episode.

Shortly after the arrival of their only child, the couple divorced and in 1968. Davis (step-father) Dorothy was married to another man, her ex’s thesis adviser, Keith Davis.

He is the psychology professor who adopted Kristin and raised her like his own daughter.

She is from a small family but we took it upon ourselves to find out all there is to know about the beautiful starlet.She continued with yoga till she landed her first acting job.According to the Colorado born beauty, she just loved being in the theatre with crazy creatives.for one episode in November 2000, and even though it may take even die-hard fans a minute to recall Davis' performance as Joey's (Matt Le Blanc) date Erin, the actor had a memorable experience working on the sitcom. Obviously it was the highest of the high at that point." was also a huge phenomenon at the time.In honor of was in production, but I was nervous to be the tiny character of Erin, losing sleep, partly because of the live audience, but partly because you'e in this world that has been created that is so alive and so specific and you're trying to make sure you're fitting yourself in there properly. But adding in a live audience and working with a tight-knit cast is enough pressure to make anyone pause.

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