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The Patridge kids were raised in Yorba Linda, California, and have English, Italian, Polish, Belgian, and German heritage.Audrina graduated from El Dorado High School in California, and was 18 years old when she signed up with a management company in L. She was dedicated to the arts, so took up acting and drama classes.There’s always going to be something with us, and on the show, you guys will be on the ride with us, I’ll say that. But, hey, Patridge has just gone through a divorce and is raising a kid.Maybe some non-committal Justin Bobby is just what she needs.report from April, Patridge is single following a short-lived relationship with a bar owner named Matt Chase.A source told the publication, “Matt and Audrina are no longer seeing each other, and Audrina is very much single.” Reportedly, Patridge and Chase had been together for just a couple of months.“You know, Justin and I, you never know what you’re going to get with us.

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Audrina Patridge‘s Fourth of July included an alleged custody mishap with ex-husband Corey Bohan over their daughter Kirra Max.The two have been together for almost 10 years now, but within a year of tying the knot, they decided to split up.In the documents, revealed, “I am fearful of [Corey’s] temper because he cannot control his swearing and personal attacks on me, even when in the presence of our young daughter.” Though Audrina is okay physically, a source says that she is “devastated.” Find out everything you need to know from Audrina Patridge’s wiki, right here.Ava helps me track my cycle by monitoring my sleep (or lack thereof), stress level, other health factors, and it even shows my my 5 most fertile days in real-time.Wearing Ava has helped me see the connection between where I’m at in my cycle and pancake cravings, low energy, and even glowing skin.

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