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The main takeaways were either aesthetic in nature, about the practicalities of black hair and skin care, or hopelessly broad.

On the advice of an African American friend Wells has chosen to start having some hard conversations with her now 8-year-old son Ben, even though she does it in the car so that he doesn’t have to see her tears.

Wells knew that raising a black son wouldn’t always be easy.

“I figured I’d have to explain some name-calling, have hard talks about language, navigate the waters when somebody’s parent won’t let my son take their daughter to prom,” she says.

He even once threatened to kill Foster and her three children “if I ever spoke to a person of color,” she told the newspaper. “He’s a true definition of evil.” Foster said Kidwell has long targeted people based on the color of their skin, pretending to be friends with them before causing harm.

In 2011, Kidwell was charged with second-degree assault for hitting a black woman on the head with a hammer as she slept.

She and her husband Timothy, a police officer and Army veteran, who served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, brought Ben home when he was four years old.

The Wells are white and live in Champaign, Illinois, a multi-cultural Big Ten university town and have gone to some effort to create a diverse environment for their son and three biological daughters.

Shana Turner, Kidwell’s cousin, said he has been disowned by most of his relatives for his hateful beliefs.Kidwell said Cooper threatened him and then pulled a knife from her purse before striking him in the left hand, prompting him to “flip out” and retaliate, the affidavit states.“When I get mad, I make the exorcist look like a bitch,” Kidwell said, according to the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.Today, more than 40% of adoptions are transracial in nature according to a recent survey from the Department of Health and Human Services. Transracial adoption has become a common enough sight in celebrity tabloids that since my husband and I adopted our two daughters (a 1-year old Ethiopian in 2009 and a newborn African-American last October), we have endured many unfunny jokes about being on trend.In our own adoption training I mostly remember sitting in our agency’s room with other prospective white parents nibbling on fruit and cheese, listening to white people talk about race.

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