What to know about dating a younger woman

See how much the new girl likes worrying about your all too frequent colonoscopies. While you may think you’re the envy of your friends with the younger woman on your arm, you are only advertising your deepest sense of failure.

A girlfriend with a birth certificate the same year you graduated from college, or within spitting distance of one of your children’s grade school years advertises your insecurity on every level. You’ve probably boozed away any sense of responsibility for your poor decisions and finding your self-respect may be more elusive than finding your hairline. And, just so you can identify what regret is, (since you are full of self-justification, but devoid of any authentic feelings or conscious), that’s the feeling you get every time you write a check for child support for people whose lives you’re not really included in any longer.

Don’t look for it from the people who really cared about you. Breaking the hearts of everyone who loved you comes with a stiff price tag and not just a court-ordered one.

They may still love you, but the respect is sagging, just like your pectoral muscles. You’ve traded your once life partner for a partner in crime. After my brother became a widower, he discussed his feelings with me about being single at fifty.

I didn’t poach him off another woman, but I knew he had a Peter Pan complex.

Let’s face it, some men are stupid and, you can’t fix stupid, but you can divorce it.

My divorce attorney pretty much told me the same thing, telling me he gets a good deal of business from husbands when they divorce their “trophy wives.” Some men don’t just wake up one day and turn into shallow morons, they were that way from the get-go.Inspiring desire in women young enough to be our daughters becomes the most potent of all anti-aging remedies, particularly when we can show off our much younger dates to our peers,” says Professor Hugo Schwyzer, Pasadena City College.I’m not a therapist or professor of geriatric sex-related studies but, I am a woman who went through what is referred to perfectly as a Gray Divorce due to my husband cheating with younger women 1. You’ve most likely became a burden to your wife who’s held up her end of the bargain and a thousand balls including the kids, the house, the bills, the aging parents, your health issues, your bad decisions, your embarrassing conduct while reverting to behavior more identifiable with a teenager than a grown man.It happens, but not a lot based on the guys I’ve seen online who say they’re fifty, look sixty, and desire no one above forty as potential dating material.My brother’s also the avid golfer, who told me, after spending thousands of hours with other men on golf courses, that just about every middle-aged man he’s ever had the divorce conversation with has said the same thing after a few years with the younger wife or girlfriend they lost their family over… Just like a new, expensive car, the newness wears off surprisingly quick.

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