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But at times it is a bit like the Tower of Babel, you are right, there are so many languages that people collapse in confusion. Right, now moving on to our next question here, you know the CSR concepts which have come up over the years, from many different people.And I think one concept which I particularly like or relate to is the ‘creating shared value’ concept of Michael Porter.It’s great that you have done that and I would encourage you to push that framing of it.TBL: People are generally using the terms CSR and sustainability quite interchangeably.I think there is a growing sense that CSR is a contribution to the sustainability agenda but it should not be seen as the same thing.TBL: We think John, that as one ponders over all these concepts and the way they are evolving, you find a lot of overlap between different concepts.

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So we did use the prosperity language but found that it wasn’t picked up to the same extent.

Last week TBL had the opportunity to have an informal telephonic chat from Karachi with John Elkington, while he was participating in the Corporate Responsibility Summit in Mumbai, organized by Child Rights and You (CRY), one of India’s leading NGOs working for children.

Wikipedia describes John Elkington as “He is also co-founder of Sustain Ability (1987, where he is a non-executive member of the Board) and of Environmental Data Services (ENDS, 1978).

Though I was uneasy about that, I felt that even though that was an important contribution, it wasn’t the full range of business responses to sustainable development.

So with a couple of colleagues I have been trying to think this through and after about 18 months of trying to think it through, in 1994, we came up with the idea of framing it in terms of an expanded bottom line, and so obviously the social and environmental pieces made sense.

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