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Make a copy of the The app is now running on localhost:3000. When you build a component, it lives in its own file and can be imported. Let’s start our component by creating the HTML import for it.

Open it in Chrome and check out the page we have to work with. In the public directory, create a file called Refresh the page and nothing new happens! Open up the dev tools console on the Network tab (Cmd Opt I on a Mac or Ctrl Shift I on Windows) and you’ll see that we loaded our new HTML document.

Component based UI libraries are a popular way of building modern applications.

It might be tempting to generate the HTML contents of our custom element in Java Script, but in reality that’s unwieldy and there is a better way.

Web Components were first introduced in 2011 and are the browsers’ attempt to bring componentisation to the web platform.

There are a few libraries available for writing Web Components, most notably Google’s Polymer, but also X-Tag and Bosonic.

It’s much essential to understand the Vo IP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technologies.

The Vo IP technologies enable some crucial process: The overall processing is carried to obtain the IP address where the signaling web sockets setups the client connection between the servers.

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