Validating dropdownlist javascript

But look at those other components shown by the blue arrows they are not validating. they are all Kendo UI objects and since it’s a Kendo UI object we can use their validators so we don’t need to recreate whats already in it would all start to magically validate like this.

If you're setting up a calendar of future events you would check that the year is the current year or greater.The Ajax Request class is a simple one we've created and use on a number of projects. You can find the details in Web Services using XMLHttp Request (Ajax) and related articles. It doesn't allow a space after minutes and before the am/pm example: " am" will get an invalid time. I modified the reg to the following: re = /^(\d): (\d)(:00)? I've checked almost every tutorials out there but no luck.In this article you will see how to put validation in dropdownlist by javascript, suppose first item value of dropdownlist is 0 and text is "-Select-" just like given below and we have to validate that at least one item is selected excluding default i.e "-Select-".

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