Validating data in access

I am trying to put together a database in Access 2003, and I have a field in one table that I would like to validate based on the data in another related table.For instance, I have a table of Categories and their minimum Goals.Import from any data source that supports ODBC and also CSV, Excel and Outlook. The software uses Microsoft Access to connect to both the source data and the destination database.

Since information is constantly being updated, deleted, queried, or moved around, having valid data is a must.The not null constraint is placed on a column and states that data is required in that column.However, in SQL, the not null constraint can only be placed on a single column.There are several different ways to validate data through Microsoft Access, some of which include: 1.Validation Rule Property: This property allows the database designer to set a validation rule, so that data inputted into the database must follow a certain rule.

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