Upmarket online dating

In the APP it said to contact customer service via email if you felt that the lock out was by error.

I emailed them right away and received an email back within a few hours telling me to reply with my log-in and email and they would explain why I was locked out of my account (which I did) and then no reply from them.

I tell no one, not even my closet friends what I am up to… Some of it really surprisingly hot, some of it entertainingly dismal. Playfully, I brag about the amount of "likes" I have already accrued – more than 20! (Most of them at this very table, at this bar, close to her home, hence the efficient arrangement). I relay tittle-tattle about the lovely South London divorcee I met who let it slip that she’d enjoyed a hotel bar tryst or two with the pervy ex-England Manager Sven Goran Erikson, and the foxy Spanish girl I went out with who had a string of drinks with a sweet but nervy man who flinched when she tried to kiss him on the third date.

For one the photos are 100% mine and two, I only spoke to one person on the APP (and I did not violate any terms) the communication was simple between us i.e “how are you, what do you do for work, etc.” So I understandably was confused.She’s recently come out of a long relationship with a famous actor. Still, he politely dined her, chatted about his life, his work and made oblique references to his remote but idyllic house in the wilds of Northumberland. A couple of weeks later, he’s alone in his weekend place on a stormy Friday night when the front doorbell goes. She’s Googled long and hard, located his second home, got a train up from London, then commandeered a mini cab and is now demanding to come in. That means I’ve broached the tricky subject of terminating our respective dating accounts (cyberlove etiquette for ‘this is getting serious’). In cyberspace, even when you’ve signed off and stopped the direct debit, your photo and biog remains.It’s almost 11pm so he gives in, saying she’ll have to go home first thing in the morning. "F*** me," she says, storm clattering away outside. Three months after I’ve broken up with it, my dating service still pines for me, sending me tempting missives, photos, biogs messages, pokes and flirts.Fancy meeting someone who shares the same quasi-Fascistic ideas about architecture and society? Wary that internet dating is a comparatively recent phenomenon, still marking out its political parameters, laying down an etiquette blueprint and making its own rules, I go and see Doug Haines, an ex-city banker who is a co-founder of The London School of Attraction, a Hatton Garden-based outfit that "helps men and women develop the confidence to meet the opposite sex." Do I really need his help? When online, he advises me to act quickly, not fanny around with too much email chat, cut to the chase with the proposal of a face to face meeting."It’s all about being impulsive and spontaneous," he says.

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