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For example, you can retrieve content items modified during February and March by using a query such as query parameters.

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Note that filtering does NOT apply to content items returned within the collection (see Content items listing response).

The filtering operators elements) are represented as strings.

If you use the filters on attributes with string values, the Delivery API tries to perform a string comparison.

With Options(builder =// Tip: Find more about JS/TS SDKs at https://developer.kenticocloud.com/docs/javascript const Kentico Cloud = require('kentico-cloud-delivery'); // Create strongly typed models according to https://docs.kenticocloud.com/tutorials/develop-apps/get-content/using-strongly-typed-models class Article extends Kentico Cloud.

Content Item const delivery Client = new Kentico Cloud. Function; // Prepares an array to hold strongly-typed models List"; IDelivery Config config = Delivery Config(project Id) Type Resolvers(type Resolvers) Preview Api Key(preview Api Key); // Initializes a Delivery Service for Java projects IDelivery Service delivery Service = new Delivery Service(config); // Gets the latest version of an article using a simple request Article article = delivery Service.

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