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Although I developed the demo source as a Net Beans IDE 5.0 project, the demo's ANT script does not require that you use that IDE to compile or execute the application.

The demo application uses the decorator design pattern to provide additional functionality to the object you already use.

Version 6 of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE, formerly referred to as J2SE) will add sorting and filtering abilities to the object so that it can pass some method calls through to it.

Because the project requirements include the ability to produce ascending, descending, or unordered sorts, the class constructor needs additional parameters.

want add element jlist second tab, add successful nut when swith first tab contains jlist elements added not therethe element jlist contains elements added begining.

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The programmer must provide a sort-order preference and a way to sort the original model's elements.

Because we must sort according to user prefences, the constructor records that preference in line 18.

Then the application copies the , as shown in line 22.

Finally, the constructor produces a sorted array of element indices by iterating through the unsorted model, finding an insertion point in the sorted list of indices, and then adding a sorted-model entry at that position.

This allows you to use and benefit from a sorted model after making only minimal changes to your existing application code base.

You really can have your list model and sort it too.

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