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For most users, it is recommended that you don't fix something that isn't broken, to paraphrase an adage. We've got similar content coming for updating via internet when using MSI and ASRock boards. Steve started Gamers Nexus back when it was just a cool name, and now it's grown into an expansive website with an overwhelming amount of features.

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Failure or power loss during the 'wipe' phase will likely result in catastrophic failure -- or unrecoverable corruption to the Flash memory. If BIOS fails due to a bad flash, a physical switch on the board can be toggled to enable the backup BIOS chip.So i have asus p5gc-mx 1333 rev 3.x.x and i just bought this core2duo e8400 and after i installed the processor, the motherboard wants me to upgrade the bios" unidentified cpu, bios update needed to unleash its full power "thats the message i get at the boot up screen. bios firmware file" p5gc-mx/1333 driver asus source: manufacturer website (official download) "p5gc-mx/1333 - socket775 - asus update v7.13.04 install program for windows 2000, 2003, xp (32 & 64 bit) utility file" p5gc-mx driver asus.Are you looking BIOS (Firmware) for Asus P5GC-MX-1333 motherboard?Maybe you wont be able to switch on your machine monitor light will blink, no signals and cpu working as normal.But if you try switching off by holding the power button and try to switch again sometimes you can power up your machine.

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