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Summary While far from perfect and a bit overly complicated, Visual Studio and the .NET framework offer an a quick and easy option for storing and accessing data for your application. For example, you can add customized settings files to your project for management of settings in different groups.It is easy enough to write values back to the file. When I need to do this sort of thing I use a class that wraps up the ability to read and write settings in the config file.Warning: As a rule of thumb, it is not good to write back to the config file.Or perhaps you are one of the many developers who gave up on using the app.config file because it never seemed to work or would pull up the incorrect values when accessing them in code.Well the reason is because they do get out of sync.If you can take the time to read and understand the basics, you will be glad you did. NET ASUS Blackberry chattooga river Christmas Coding Components Corsair CPU Gaming Garmin Google Maps GPS Grid View High Performance Computing hiking holiday Inheritance Marco Island Mobile mp3 Navigation NRA Nuve Office 2010 Oliver North perimeter church Phone podcast proclamation rafting rapids RIM sermon Sync thanksgiving Tour trails Troops Twitter Veterans Day water falls Web.

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If you want your application's users to not require administrative rights then it is always a better idea to store settings in the user's documents & settings directory or in the registry if needed.But as the title of this post indicates, what I really wanted to talk about is how you can write settings back to the config file. To write values back, you just need to open the config file as an Xml Document and write away. You can add name/value pairs, remove elements, modify them or whatever.And because I am tired of typing (and my wife is waiting for me to start a movie), let's just cut to the code.The Settings Designer first searches for the Settings.settings file (default file) that the project system creates folder for Visual C# projects.The Project Designer then searches for other settings files in the project’s root folder.

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