Type a and type b personality dating

The most common form of this is in the idea that we should be doctors and lawyers and forget any notion of becoming an artist or, really, anything other than one of half a dozen well-respected professions.If you were told by your parents (or parent) or other strong influences that it’s important to work together with others and play nice, to the point where competing was almost discouraged, you may be suppressing your Type A tendencies and holding back one of your natural gifts– a powerful ambition.

Did you grow up with someone close to you, a parent or role model, telling you to be content with what you have and to not be greedy? You should be grateful for what you have and being happy with where you’re at is critical if you want to live a happy life, otherwise, you’re always looking to the next rainbow to solve all your problems.

They tend to care less about winning and more about enjoying themselves so they tend to be happier and less stressed. However, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably also started to show other traits, or at least you’ve noticed them more over time.

Because of this, you’re starting to question if you’re really a Type A personality, as you’ve become more outgoing, ambitious, proactive, or rigid in your work processes (and, as a result, also more stressed) in recent years, whether it’s because you’ve become more confident and started to express your true self more clearly or have just changed as a person.

They can also be sensitive, anxious, workaholics, perfectionists, and control freaks and may be hard to live or work with, especially if you’re not one of them.

While you can effectively deal with Type A personalities, your approach will largely depend on who the person is – a spouse, a colleague, or a child.

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