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So if you’re the one doing the rimming, be prepared to also use some toy or finger action to stimulate the penis or clitoris. Use a dental dam if you and your partner haven’t had recent sexual health checks, or the idea of putting your tongue on a place from which poo comes out makes you feel a tad squeamish.

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If you want a long term relationship, use CMB because it recommends people to date based on people you’re friends with and actually enjoy being around - what more could you want in a serious relationship?While it can be used for either purpose, it’s probably the best app for finding a short term, casual relationship.It’s informal enough to compete with Pure, but not formal enough to compete with the likes of CMB.If you’re not opposed to hair removal, it may be worth removing the hair around your bumhole pre-rimming session. Because there are too many people out there with little specks of poo in the hair between their cheeks, It is deeply disturbing, and not what someone wants to see when they’re about to go to rim-town.Rimming is rarely a standalone sexual act – it’s usually incorporated into oral.

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