Teen dating violence in europe

When it comes to domestic violence towards children involving physical abuse, research in the UK by the NSPCC indicated that "most violence occurred at home" (78 per cent).40—60% of men and women who abuse other adults also abuse their children.

Studies document that teenagers are experiencing significant amounts of dating or domestic violence.

Minor assaults perpetrated by women are also a major problem, even when they do not result in injury, because they put women in danger of much more severe retaliation by men.

The 2000 CDC report, based on phone interviews with 8000 men and 8000 women, reported that 7.5% of men claim to have been raped or assaulted by an intimate at some time in their life (compared to 25% of women), and 0.9 percent of men claim to have been raped or assaulted in the previous 12 months (compared to 1.5% of women).

have found that "women are as physically aggressive or more aggressive than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners".

However, studies have shown that women are more likely to be injured.

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