Teen dating rights

Exceptional acting/role playing help to make each video credible and viewers will relate to the teens being portrayed as they are very recognizable and could be part of their own family.

These DVDs come with a Teacher’s Resource materials that make learning objectives clear and help to promote classroom discussions.

Real teens and experts emphasize the rights every young person has in a relationship.

These include the right to disagree, the right to one’s own life, and the right to be treated with respect.

Each video smartly confronts teenage problems and gives real advice and hope on how to change the outcomes and build peer interactions that are healthy and respectful.

Dating abuse affects people from all ages, backgrounds and identities, which is why it is important to talk about how abuse can happen in young people’s relationships.

This document from Break the Cycle offers key statistics about dating violence and its impact.

–Ann Brownson, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston School Library Journal “If you are respected, you feel valued,” one interviewee notes in this brief but informative program that explores the ins and outs of healthy dating relationships.

Comprised mainly of commentary by real teens combined with expert opinions, offers solid guidance about what constitutes a good relationship, including respecting boundaries, being treated as equals, accepting people for who they are, and finding a balance by sometimes agreeing to disagree.

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