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My only gripe is that the app can get glitchy and resend the same message multiple times, or send them out delayed.Also unsure if there is more to the "we met" option than just hitting yes, as the other persons profile picture comes up underneath that section but I'm unable to scroll down and answer further questions.It also includes the access token, which can be used to take over a JCrush user’s account without needing their password.In some cases, the geolocation data was so accurate it was easy to identify exactly where some users lived — especially in residential neighborhoods.In May, a popular Chinese dating app for gay and queer women, Rena, which had more than five million users, left its database open and exposed.

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The company also makes money off of its events business, which operates in fifteen cities across the U. HER has 4.5 million registered users, and has raised .5 million in funding.

I've been using Hinge for 2 weeks now and have already gone on 3 dates, all really great guys.

The quality of people is far better than what you would find on Tinder.

A security lapse at JCrush, a dating app designed for the Jewish community, left a databases open without a password, exposing sensitive user records and private messages to anyone who knew where to look.

The site’s backend database had around around 200,000 user records, according to security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, who shared their findings exclusively with Tech Crunch and wrote up their findings at vpn Mentor.

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