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During the events of "Knightquest", Cluemaster broke out of prison, along with Czonk and The Electrocutioner. Her mother, suffering from depression, was struggling with an addiction to painkillers.Steph decided to don her Spoiler outfit and go after her dad. Perhaps, he’d like advanced lessons with Miss Morris.” “No! None of those are subjects with which I am comfortable. That is the question.” She sat there thinking, ‘He’s not as creepy as everyone says.’ “If we’re to come up with something that will be tolerable, we will need some input from you.” “We drop the whole thing and I go back to study hall,” Stephanie said. Shapiro was about to enter the room, but Danny said, “That’s a ‘no go.’ Your mother has decided it is time for you to get beyond your shyness. It is easier to resist the unwanted advances by the creepy guy than those made by the suave, debonaire, and handsome Steve Sharp! “Outside of the fact that you’re cute, I have no idea what Steve finds so fascinating about you. He just mentions your name and sighs.” The look she gave him could have curdled milk. ” “Yes.” Danny said, “I’m not going to dance with her. When we are, let us admit it and try to right the situation.’ It’s time for you to go right the situation.” “How? He once mentioned that his mother taught him to dance and that he attributed some of his skill on the football field to that training. He did sum up how she felt about this situation and did so in a rather succinct manner. I talked to a bunch of my teachers about letting me just sit in class and work on my college homework. So now I am studying dance, drama, debate, and music. What compromise can be made that will remove the torturous aspects of being here despite being trapped here? Steve will be so happy to learn that.” Her eyes narrowed and her lips thinned.

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Stephanie was kidnapped shortly thereafter by the Gully Carson gang, working with Cluemaster, who was still behind bars.

There was no time for that, however, when they went after the real leaders of the gang the following night, as Robin was enraged over the death of a fellow student, Karl Ranck.

Steph went to the funeral, unaware that Robin was there (with his girlfriend) in his civilian identity.

There was nothing worse than not having access to the internet. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.’ Why do I have the feeling that Denise isn’t quite history? He could just see some shy girl taking one look at him, and running for the hills. Of course you would defend him.” “I have an idea,” Danny said. Why don’t we find one of them and bring her here to be his dance partner?

“I don’t want to dance with her any more.” She heard some guy talking in the hallway outside the room. She wondered if this was supposed to be her dance partner. That way, you’ll be able to convict him based on solid evidence.

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