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In explaining the background to the service deterioration, Sing Post said it delivered an average of 3 million mail items a day, but an increase in package volumes for last year's November-December period put additional pressure on its services."The November-December peak season was a tremendously busy period for our staff members," said Sing Post.

"Due to the increased package volumes – which were beyond forecasts and expectations - our postmen have had to make an average of an additional 20 doorstep deliveries daily."All postmen and delivery staff are also working beyond their usual hours to help process and support these volumes." It added that it hired extra resources, recalled personnel and "activated teams" from the corporate office on Saturdays to meet demand, but service quality "still suffered as a result".

Sing Post is the designated Public Postal Licensee (PPL) for Singapore, providing comprehensive services for collecting, sorting and distributing domestic and international mail, including Direct Mail and Mailroom Management services.

As the leading provider of delivery solutions domestically as well as being the local worldwide delivery service provider with our courier brand, Speedpost, Sing Post provides a wide suite of delivery solutions to suit the needs of our corporate and retail customers.

Singapore Post was listed on the Main Board of the SGX-ST on . It is the only postal company in the world to have won the Express Mail Service (EMS) Cooperative Certification Gold Level Award by the Universal Postal Union for its Speedpost Worldwide Courier Service for 11 consecutive years since 2001.

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"When my parents got home, they found the packages sitting outside the door," she said.

In its post on Monday, Sing Post said that there would "inevitably" be employees who "may not act in the best interests of the company"."We have experienced service failures due to the individual actions of a few employees," it said.

"We are aware that this not only reflects badly on our organisation but undermines the hard work, commitment and dedication that the majority of our postal staff are displaying every single day.""Such behaviour will not be tolerated."The company added that while its post aimed to provide some background on the challenges it faces, it said that these "are not excuses for the issues that have been raised.""We value the integrity and trust we have built as an organisation over 160 years and are now focused on rebuilding that trust.""AM I THE POSTMAN OF MY BLOCK?

click on ‘view proof of delivery’, you will see the same signature for both packages. Facebook user Jonathan Lau told Channel News Asia that he had been getting failed delivery notifications from Sing Post for "as long as I can remember" - even when someone was actually at home."The bell would be silent the whole day and I'll get notifications when I came home," he said.

"So I reviewed my CCTV footage and found out that the postman just strolled by, dropping my regular mail together with the failed delivery slips.""He didn't even have my parcel in hand."Lau said he then wrote in to Sing Post, which according to him followed up to try and explain the situation."Best explanation I got was the postman leaves articles in his bike and comes back to get it when someone answers the door."The postal service eventually got the beat supervisor to "personally oversee" his deliveries, said Lau.

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