Sick of dating

" Then when we finally do meet for coffee, dinner or whatever the case might be, I feel everything goes great.

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I have also inquired into "Events and Adventures", but I have a feeling it might be pricey. But you need to commit to yourself that you will get good at meeting, dating, and talking to women before you hit 30.

With every new semester and every new job gave new opportunity to meet new people, but with that, it seemed to be the "same old, same old" with everyone being established in a relationship.

With 10 years and countless dates, I've made a few friends, gone on lots of dates, and have even managed to get 3 somewhat serious relationships out of it.

I am happy with my job, but, again, not many people there that are my age.... I can't recall who she was (she never uploaded a picture), but it doesn't matter because she never responded back to my e-mail.

I would love to bump into someone at the grocery store or the gym, but never have any luck. you still have at least another solid 15 years of potential dating opportunities.

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