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These kinds of animal bombs originated with Franz Helm of Cologne, an artillery specialist, as a way “To set fire to a castle or city which you can’t get at otherwise.”The manual outlines how to get the cat to hide in a barn or other similarly flammable place where a cat will unwittingly set ablaze large structures which it is difficult to squelch, leading to a town fire.During Richard III’s reign, Henry Wyatt was imprisoned in the Tower of London and claimed to have been saved from starvation by a cat who daily brought him a pigeon.

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The dates listed below are approximate and are based on the general consensus of when the plays were first performed: The chronology of Shakespeare's plays remains a matter of some scholarly debate.

Nevertheless, there is strong evidence that some of Shakespeare's plays were collaborations.

In 2016, a group of scholars performed an analysis of all three parts of "Henry VI" and came to the conclusion that the play includes the work of Christopher Marlowe.

As the cats were eradicated, the rodent population blossomed, and millions of rats carrying fleas are now considered one of the main reasons the Black Death spread across Europe.

When the persecution of cats ended in the late 17th century, the cats were able to hunt the rats again, and Europeans saw the plague decrease.

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