Shakespeares dating life

Even when exact performance dates are known, nothing conclusive can be said about when each play was written.

Further complicating the matter is the fact that many of Shakespeare's plays exist in multiple editions, making it even more difficult to determine when the authoritative versions were completed.

Scholars of Elizabethan drama believe that William Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays between 15.

These dramatic works encompass a wide range of subjects and styles, from the playful "A Midsummer Night's Dream" to the gloomy "Macbeth." Shakespeare's plays can be roughly divided into three genres—comedies, histories, and tragedies—though some works, such as "The Tempest" and "The Winter's Tale," straddle the boundaries between these categories.

Current consensus is based on a constellation of different data points, including publication information (dates taken from titles pages, etc.), known performance dates, and information from contemporary diaries and other records.

Though each play can be assigned a narrow date range, it is impossible to know exactly which year any one of Shakespeare's plays was composed.

After his release under Henry VII, Wyatt would spend his life praising the values of the cat with one record stating that that he “would ever make much of cats, as other men will of their spaniels or hounds.”Many paintings dating to Shakespeare’s lifetime show the cat as a well loved family pet, appearing in the kitchen to ward off mice, playing in the floor with the family children, and sitting next to family members in official portraiture.

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Another play, "The Two Noble Kinsmen," was co-written with John Fletcher, who also worked with Shakespeare on the lost play "Cardenio." Some scholars believe that Shakespeare may have also collaborated with George Peele, an English dramatist and poet; George Wilkins, an English dramatist and inn-keeper; and Thomas Middleton, a successful author of numerous stage works, including comedies, tragedies, and pageants.Cats ate the rats, and this helps effectively keep plague at bay.For many residents, there was only a connection between cats and plague, with many unsure what that connection might be. After becoming the culprit, cats were rounded up and exterminated.Modern scholarly editions of the play contain material from multiple sources.Another controversial question regarding Shakespeare's bibliography is whether the Bard actually authored all of the plays assigned to his name.

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