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Although the typewriter is an accurate transcriber of words it is generally too slow in reproducing words that are generated in a rapid manner, such as those spoken by a human at a court proceeding, a hearing, through a medium, and the like.

In the past, stenographic keyboards have been used to reproduce words based on a phonetic system generally following the thinking format of consonant-vowel-consonant for the English language.

It should be noted that a different thinking format is often used in other languages.

Although the stenographic keyboard provides a rapid writing of words, the spelling of such words is often abbreviated and requires the person using the stenographic keyboard to create a dictionary containing each word which may be written.

METHOD FOR FORMING WORDS CROSS-REFERENCES TO RELATED APPLICATIONS The present non-provisional application claims the benefit of provisional application 60/755,783 filed 4 January 2006.

METHOD FOR FORMING WORDS BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a novel and useful method of forming words in conjunction with a character actuator unit.

United States Patent 3,170,185 teaches a syllabic typewriter in which portions of the keyboard are assigned and designated as such.

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It should be noted that particular consonants and or vowels designated in such categories in the present application are deemed to be workable in this regard, but are certainly not restricted to such particular consonants and/or vowels with respect to the method being sought for patenting.The resulting transcribed words, although phonetically correct, do not represent words that are correctly spelled in all cases.A method of forming a word in conjunction with a character actuator unit that quickly and accurately transcribes words in a single stroke with correct spelling would be a notable advance in the field of word processing.The method of the present invention generally employs segregating the character actuators of a character actuator unit into at least first and second categories of the same.By actuating one or more characters of the first and second categories of character actuators simultaneously, the beginning and the end of a word is formed.

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