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Although the typewriter is an accurate transcriber of words it is generally too slow in reproducing words that are generated in a rapid manner, such as those spoken by a human at a court proceeding, a hearing, through a medium, and the like.

In the past, stenographic keyboards have been used to reproduce words based on a phonetic system generally following the thinking format of consonant-vowel-consonant for the English language.

A spelling table may be generated containing beginnings and endings of all words in all languages based on the Roman alphabet.

The method of the present invention utilizes a character actuator unit, such as a keyboard, which is similar to a stenographic keyboard, but includes a plurality of actuators or keys that are segregated into certain categories or groups .The result is a system of producing words quickly and accurately with the proper spelling.It may be apparent that a novel and useful method or system of producing words has been described.The method of the present invention generally employs segregating the character actuators of a character actuator unit into at least first and second categories of the same.By actuating one or more characters of the first and second categories of character actuators simultaneously, the beginning and the end of a word is formed.

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