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It is reported as one of the most haunted places in Gainesville!

The brutal murder of a female student occurred in the 1960s in the upstairs bathroom.

Employees here have reported hearing voices when opening and closing the store, even calling out their names specifically.

Many customers have seen a young girl “in period clothing” playing around a dresser in the upstairs showroom.

She is known to move chess pieces on a board in the hallway, always in the same position with one lying atop another—a mystery no one has been able to quite figure out.

Just south of downtown Gainesville there is the old Wayside Antiques store.

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Although it seems quaint and historic, you may leave this inn, but it might not leave you. There is a rumor that several children died in an elevator accident and that their presence still remains.

Norman Hall within the College of Education was built in 1932 and was originally known as the P. People have reported hearing children’s laughing spirits and running feet late at night on the third floor.

The Sweetwater Branch Inn is an 1885 Victorian inn just around the corner from UF campus on University Avenue.

Guests have reported strange noises in the attic, a “heavy feeling” on their chest while sleeping, doors opening and closing, and even ghostly faces appearing on third floor windows.

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