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Here are 25 suggestions (just make sure you don't send it to the wrong person! And you in skin hugging yoga pants and a well-fitted sports bra? You don’t even need to sport VS abs because keeping in shape isn’t just about that.The fact that you lugged yourself to the gym, even after a long day at work, will make him appreciate your effort. You also don’t have to be stark naked to get a good shot of your body. Sheer black stockings and garters (or fishnets if you prefer) are sexy.A picture of you licking a popsicle or a banana will show you’ve got a healthy appetite. To make them stand out even more, apply some highlighter to the tips of your collarbones. It’s not a nude, but he won’t know that - the suggestion that you could be naked will drive him wild.He loves it when you walk around the house in just his shirt and a pair of knickers so why not show him what he's missing?Or put on your favourite lacy bra and give him a shot of the whole package instead.Photo: 123rf ALSO READ: YOU KNOW YOU' RE IN LOVE WHEN YOU HIT THESE 7 SMALL RELATIONSHIP MILESTONES ' / You know how crazy he is about your long legs so why deprive him of it?Pose for a pix while sitting on the side of the bed, with your bare legs crossed.

If you want to take it a step further, have one hand down your (well, his, actually) pants.

Photo: 123rf ALSO READ: YOU KNOW YOU' RE IN LOVE WHEN YOU HIT THESE 7 SMALL RELATIONSHIP MILESTONES ' / Take a picture of yourself lying seductively in your bed, fully-clothed, and add a caption like, “Wish you were here” or “It feels lonely without you”.

Or just take a photo of your empty bed, with a message such as, “Plans for tonight?

” Photo: 123rf ALSO READ: 10 EPIC SEX TIPS FROM 10 DIFFERENT WOMEN WHO ALWAYS HAVE GREAT SEX ' / Stand with your back facing a mirror, take your top and bra off, look back over your shoulder, then snap a photo. Photo: 123rf ALSO READ: 10 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR SEXUAL CONFIDENCE ' / Go up close for a shot of your belly area, with your belly button showing, as well as the top of your panties (lacy type preferred).

It'll drive him wild that he'll have to wait a while to get to take them off you.

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