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From the gorgeously poetic “In Your Eyes” to the burning heartbreak of “Don’t Speak,” songs inspired by real life, love, and loss have topped the charts for decades.

Here, we’ll tell you more about the people behind the songs and what makes chansons d’amour so everlasting. Not only is she related to Patricia and David Arquette, but the star of After years of denial, David Paich of the band Toto admitted their hit song “Rosanna” was written for Rosanna Arquette.

Paich said he was working on the song when Arquette walked into the studio.

“She was cuter than ever and I had a crush on her, and as she walked out I just finished the line with ‘Rosanna.’” Since Arquette was dating Toto band member Steve Porcaro at the time, the lyrics for “Rosanna” were the closest Paich ever got to proclaiming his affections.

From ancient Egyptians to Taylor Swift, people have been writing love songs for centuries.

One of the earliest songs on record was found in a 4,300-year-old Egyptian tomb.

Though he’s an immense talent and his work is incredibly popular, most don’t associate him with songs about deep emotion.

Yet, “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” remains one of the most heartbreaking songs in pop music history.

According to Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Shannon Sanders, “True love is not as common to come by as people might think.

But Arquette’s work as a love song muse didn’t stop there.

It’s rumored that Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” was written for Arquette, who he was dating at the time.

Though most of the lyrics have yet to be translated, an inscription read: “I love and admire your beauty.

I am under it.” Over 4,000 years ago, a pharaoh felt the need to immortalize his loved one in song just before his death.

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