Regular expression for validating url in c Necked dating pic

If the program code does not match the Regular Expression then the compiler indicates that there is a syntax error. When a user clicks the OK button, the program checks to ensure that none of the fields are empty.

If one or more fields are empty then the program displays a message to the user that all fields must be filled in before the program can validate the input information.

Also, next time, you might want to include the programming language or context, because regex processors vary greatly in feature support.

If the value of Success is false (i.e., there was no match), then it displays an error message and sets the focus back to the first Name Text Box so that the user can retype the input and terminate the event handler.

If there is a match, then the event handler proceeds to validate the first name.

string input = @" dfedsdf.fgfsdfsdf https://org/html/rfc3986#appendix-B

forum=csharpgeneral "; Regex regex = new Regex("^(( A-Z0-9]([a-z A-Z0-9\-][a-z A-Z0-9])?

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