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“It’s a peaceful place to come and get away from everything.

It looks different every time I come out here.”Before I went to Red Bluff, it was described as “a place you have to experience yourself,” and I found that to be true.

Red Bluff is approximately an hour and 40 minute drive from Jackson.

Follow Mississippi 98 west over the Pearl River to the town of Foxworth, where 587 splits and goes north.

Pictures and videos cannot actually do justice to the sediment’s purple, pink and yellow colors.

A pair of well-worn trails extend down the eastern and western sides of the bluff.

They never dated as teens, but when they reconnected at California State University, Chico, two years ago, their story began. “I have a degree in health education,” Breanna explains, “but I love working for the church and I didn’t want to stop.” She talks about the parish like “home,” and her discernment helped her to see how much she enjoys feeling connected to the people.“Our parents have really helped us,” Breanna says, remembering how her mother persisted in getting her to Mass on Sundays when she was a teenager, even when she might have preferred to sleep in. “But you, yourself, have to want it,” Breanna emphasizes, hinting at a “calling” or whisper from the Holy Spirit.While away at Chico, experiencing a low point, she felt compelled to go to church.“I didn’t go to church much and I wasn’t thinking about faith,” he admits.“When Bre and I started dating, I knew I wanted to be more involved,” Patrick says, fully aware of the importance of his faith.

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