Quicken not updating latest transactions

Although most account data will import, budgets and transaction attachments do not.

There are also features that were part of Quicken 2007 that aren’t part of Quicken 2017 that will not import including loan amortization schedules, home inventory, emergency records data, explicit lot assignments and securities watch lists.

Note that Quicken Bill Pay isn’t free as you must pay subscription for it.

Quicken Bill Pay currently costs .99 per month for the first 20 payments with every 5 payments after that charged at .49 per batch.

And again, features that are not part of Quicken 2017 for Mac including loan amortization schedules, home inventory, emergency records data, explicit lot assignments, securities watch lists, address book and lifetime planners won’t import.

Quicken has confirmed that ESPP and Incentive Stock options will transfer but only as a standard holding without tax related information such as strike prices.

Quicken 2017 for Mac is here and may finally be the Quicken that Mac users have been demanding for years with a fully functional Bill Pay, new interface and enhanced reporting features. G Capital in March has definitely breathed new life into a woefully neglected product by Intuit who were unable or simply unwilling to bring Quicken for Mac up to speed with the Windows version leaving many Mac users switching to alternatives such as the excellent and free Personal Capital.

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Note that there are bound to be some banks and institutions that still don’t work with Quicken Bill Pay (some may also charge application approval fees) but this is often due to problems on the bank’s side and not Quicken so you should always check with your financial institution first to make sure it is supported.

However, this isn’t all plain sailing depending on the version of Quicken you want to import from.

When you start Quicken 2017 for the first time, you’ll be presented with the import options: Start a new account from scratch, Quicken 2015 & 2016 for Mac, Quicken Essentials, Quicken Mac 2007, Quicken Windows or a . If you’re importing from either Quicken 2015 for Mac or Quicken 2016 for Mac, you should have no problems.

Quicken claims to be supported by 14,500 different financial institutions though so it’s safe to say, you should be fine.

Even when it is supported, you should still be careful with it when making bill payments as payments can fail for no apparent reason without any kind of notification and it’s often hard to work out if the problem is on the bank’s side or Quicken’s side.

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