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Now, here’s a brief overview of each of the three apps…This was the first app I looked at, and I pretty quickly ruled it out.Unfortunately, you can’t do that with a double-click, as that brings up the account’s info panel; you need to right-click and choose Open in New Window from the contextual menu. On the investment side, I had issues with two stocks that had had stock splits.Because I wasn’t downloading investment data in Quicken 2007, I had manually entered the splits using Quicken’s split tool.This is true even if it’s an account I just opened and then closed.Due to these issues, I quickly decided that Moneydance was not for me.Yes, I was using an eleven-year-old app to track our family’s spending and investments. Basically because it worked (most of the time), and I didn’t like any of the alternatives, which I would occasionally test. In addition to its 32bitness, it had other issues: The UI was tiny and horrid, the windows never opened where I closed them (Moom‘s saved layouts to the rescue!), and online access to my accounts was nearly non-existent.

In the end, I decided against using Banktivity due to its cost ( up front, plus per year), the overabundance of icons in the layouts, its inability to import reconciliations from Quicken, and its difficulties handling some investment data.Going in, I was dead set against it, mainly due to its annual subscription structure.(I hate subscription software in general, but as it turns out, this one isn’t really a subscription.) Read on for brief overviews of each of these three apps (with more detail on Quicken) and my rationale for deciding on Quicken.Unfortunately, there’s no free trial of Quicken, but they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so I paid and started testing.What I found is an app that, for the most part, takes everything I liked about Quicken 2007 and modernizes it.

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