Questions to ask a girl on dating sites Nigerian online fora for sexchats

, women focus more on multiple senses while men have more focus on visuals.

You’re turned on by what you see online, and she is more turned on by the things that go on between her ears — so learn to turn her on in her brain first.

Establishing trust will help her see you as a good guy with an edge, instead of just another bad boy that will leave her after the first date.

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You can use these seven simple steps throughout your entire conversation with her to create an automatic “YES! She’ll imagine what it will be like when you finally ask her out.

Here are some ideas you can choose from for your list, and please make more of your own as well.

If you don't identify with many of these traits, find your own.

If you say you’re going to call, text, or pick her up at 7 p.m. When you have the conversation started, you want to make sure to keep the questions coming so you can get the potential of dating you in her mind.

I don't mean throwing down with a 10-question email either.

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