Property brothers dating twins

"One of the ways we stretch the budget is that we utilize the homeowners to do a bunch of the work with me," he told ' prospective homebuyers, you could be thinking every couple on the show filed for divorce once the cameras stopped rolling (cue an additional six months of arguing over who gets to keep that subway tile backsplash).

The truth is, the drama is likely just another cultivated element of the show that makes it more watchable.

In the world of home improvement dramas, Drew and Jonathan Scott are kings.

The Canadian twin brothers — who moonlighted as birthday party clowns and underwear models before landing their current gig as hosts of HGTV's top-rated reality series, The premise is simple: in each one-hour increment, the brothers convince their clients to spring for an imperfect fixer-upper and then use their talents to turn the ugly duckling house into a luxury dream home.

Couples who appear on the series know they need to be "opinionated" enough to create some on-screen intrigue, so don't fret for the marriages of those poor homebuyers with their sledgehammers.

The producers couldn't let this go to waste, so they recreated the "high-intensity moment." According to the , the director ordered more workers out front, and when he hollered "bang! Drew Scott then supposedly ran out "with feigned shock," but he didn't exactly nail the scene. They reran the scene, this time with Drew running out to say, "Go inside, guys! " Although this was almost comically staged to create drama, Drew is fully aware of what his audience wants.

"We have homeowners who have identified a house that they already like.

Because everything moves so fast for the show, we have found that it doesn't work well for people who haven't even started searching," Jonathan told What does that mean when the cameras are rolling?

Having a sidekick to collude with, bounce ideas off of, and (most importantly) turn to at a pivotal moment and moan, "This is a total gut job! Folks who appear on the show get to pick which rooms the brothers renovate, and even then, there are rules.

" is a non-negotiable requirement if you want to appear on the show. , homebuyers can get either their kitchen or their bathroom redone, but not both, which means that if you want to be on the show, you'll have to make some tough choices about where you truly need that signature, luxury touch.

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