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I resolved this issue via the great tutorial ‘How to Fix Word Press Feed Burner Feeds Not Updating‘ by WP Beginner.

It turned out that W3 Total Cache was caching my feeds, which was why there was always a long delay in the feed being updated. All you have to do is visit the page cache section at

Most services that update Facebook and Twitter rely on feeds to update.

This means that if your Feedburner feed isn’t being updated; no one will know that you have new content.

A month or so ago I noticed that the WP Mods feed wasn’t updating for hours or even days at a time and then it was updated with several posts at once.

This was frustrating as it overwhelmed RSS subscribers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers with too much content at the one time.

It can be hard to track down problems with your RSS feed and for the past two days I’ve been trying to figure out why Feed Burner wasn’t updating my feed.

Basically the problem with my feed was that it was too large as I had somehow managed to change the settings in Word Press to include the last 30 posts in the feed.

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It’s worth checking that pinging is setup correctly if your feed hasn’t been updated in a few hours though if you have a problem with your RSS feed not updating frequently it could be another issue.When I realised that this article had caused the problem, all I had to do was change the number of articles that were shown in my feed from 7 to 5 (as the problematic article was the 7th article in the feed – I could have changed it to 6). If you publish long articles from time to time, it’s worth keeping the number of posts shown in your RSS feed low so that the file size doesn’t cause the feed to stop updating.At the very least, make sure you aware of this issue and check that your feed has been updated correctly after a long post has been published (images shouldn’t be an issue as they are hosted externally).This made it clear that the problem was being caused by my article ‘link’.That was the first article that hadn’t been published to the feed. This large volume of text had obviously pushed the file size of my feed over the 512kb limit.

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