Peer guardian 2 lists not updating

Since many spam advertisers can simply change their IP addresses and still communicate with your computer.

In fact, any one on the internet can change their IP in a matter of seconds.

Peer Block drastically reduces the list of potential peers you can connect with therefore, your torrent downloads are going to be considerably slower.

While Peer Block blocks a lot of potentially harmful IPs, it is not consistent with it.

Torrenting is an amazing way of sharing files fast and easy. Despite its popularity, torrenting without any protective measures can be risky.

Most torrent users must have encountered some sort of DMCA notice in their life.

IP blocking programs are not perfect and we cannot expect them to filter out every potential harmful IP on the internet, as it is virtually impossible.

Peer Block is an open source software for Windows operating system.

This program works like a firewall for your internet connection.

Like we mentioned earlier, Peer Block doesn’t seem to offer protection even near to what it claims.

The two known problems are with the way it blocks IPs.

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