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He loves to run beside us as we ride our bikes on the trails and of course he absolutely loves to swim. His duck training has also gone well and I know it probably has more to do with genetics than my training as this is my first duck dog.We had our first hunt last week and he did so good.She kept up with the older dogs all day, never tiring, and in the evenings when the older dogs were sleeping, she wanted to play and run around. So in summary, the dogs you breed are not only loving, affectionate and a spectacular family pet, they have excellent hunting qualities.We feel so fortunate to have received one of your puppies.Custer is currently in an advanced training class working on getting his Canine Good Citizen certificate/title.He took to birds instantly and seems to be a natural at hunting.

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From the start of looking for a pup up to when we got him, you and your husband made the experience a positive one for us and we want to thank you for that. We have been impressed with his intelligence and so was the vet.Our dog is both beautiful and intelligent and that can be credited to good breeding.Thanks for the great addition to our family, ______ Hi Stacy, My husband Austin and I, bought a Vizsla puppy from you last November. I just wanted to contact you and let you know how happy we are with our Banana. We are definitely satisfied and couldn’t imagine our family without Banana Joe.It was a little too fast for him but eventually he pushed it back into the grass and we got it.It was a great joy to see a dog just under 7 months old getting a duck I almost for sure would have lost had I not had him there.

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