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All of them were a variety of bland greetings and creative quips about my tag line. Some of the messages went like this: Note: The usernames of the people involved have been redacted to prevent any lawsuits and physical altercations in broad daylight. They admitted that they wanted to find out if what I was saying was true.Some of them tested my sincerity by opening up about the topics that I expressed interest in like the economy and politics.Just don’t forget to be safe and conduct a social media background check before meeting people in person.But not everyone can pull off a selfie, and those who do should probably take them sparingly, if academic research is to be believed.It was also fun to develop strange personas and use weird pick-up lines on people you would never see in real life. But I grew tired of making people uncomfortable, so I decided to dial down the crazy and left my profile alone. When I felt comfortable enough with the conversation, I asked them point blank why they decided to message me.When I returned a few weeks later, I was surprised to find dozens of messages from the guys I looked at, and some who I never even clicked on. Most of them gave the same answer: I was intrigued by your bio.I don’t believe that for a second, but of course I am only human.The pressures of society got to me and I decided to forgo anything that would reveal my identity, such as pictures, locations and workplaces.

What happened to me was a fluke and not all of the guys I dated were keepers anyway.After I wrote that and started browsing matches, the fun started. I had no idea if these men were serious or just plain adventurous… I decided to humor said greetings and ended up having a lot of intelligent conversations with guys ranging from moderately handsome to downright gorgeous.The love letters Trolling without a picture is always fun. I even went out with some of them, but those stories can wait until the next article. They had no idea, yet they kept on flirting without even prompting for a photo. Why did these men want to date my faceless profile?When I tried one site that used questionnaires and profile keywords, I was very surprised with the selection.I would say that I was not attracted to a lot of the men on it because of my standards, but I was more surprised by the fact that I did find men who I ended up liking. The problem was that after years of using it with more negative results than positives, I was pretty much desensitized to the idea of finding Mr. But of course, I got back on the horse and decided to give it another try. I was aware that most of my friends and colleagues used these dating sites.

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