Nick carter dating kathy griffin

GRIFFIN: And I book the hotel, something nice and a good sized suite, at least 800 square feet. GRIFFIN: -- Lar, don't look at the contest winners. KING: They'll be on -- I'll have to explain that later. KING: They're -- they wanted to see -- GRIFFIN: And it's called The Suspender Contest, is pitiful. OK, we have a -- GRIFFIN: So I'm banging Al Pacino -- KING: All right. I think women do themselves a disservice when they say oh, dating, I hate it.

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GRIFFIN: OK, now I have to -- because I watch the show every night. So I see Al Pacino and then I see you peddling -- which I think is B. On a previous appearance on this show you talked about your divorce. GRIFFIN: Let me tell you something, you have had -- don't ever call me classy. KING: A lot of them -- GRIFFIN: I'm sorry I'm not The Suspender Contest winner, which apparently is very exciting to you, Larry. KING: Oh, well, that's -- GRIFFIN: And I'll bet you've interviewed them like seven times, that's the best part. Like I was like the guy that walks in with the Web cam and the six pack going, "What's the problem?

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