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More deeply, however, Lim’s argument is that the very idea that Asians are “civilized, advanced and highly intelligent … I worked as a journalist in China for more than a year, and it was clear to me that the Chinese as civilized, advanced, and highly intelligent.If anything, it’s a self-identity that has been accepted, not invented, by the West.To bolster her argument with historical context, Lim even includes a direct quote from Adolf Hitler expressing his admiration for the civilizations of China and Japan.Pro tip: when you’re quoting Hitler, you’re losing the argument.Famously known as the city that never sleeps, New York City definitely lives up to its name.

They’re a miniscule fraction of the population — numbering in the thousands in a nation of 323 million — and deserve to be snubbed out of public life.Of course, the author doesn’t go this far — her essay is ridiculous enough — but there’s no way you can accept her premise without concluding at the very least that interracial marriage between white men and Asian women is somehow wrong. I’m a white man married to an Asian-American woman. Like the civil rights leaders in the 1960s, I believe interracial marriage is a sign of social progress.At its best, marriage is about human love, which transcends all considerations of race, class, and identity.Lim doesn’t say, but thankfully, we can find detailed statistical information through a simple Google search.According to research by the dating site Ok Cupid, American men of racial backgrounds find Asian women highly attractive.

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