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The coverage has been so over-the-top, you might even say .Interracial marriage is a fast-rising trend and leading to broader social tolerance.Of course, the author doesn’t go this far — her essay is ridiculous enough — but there’s no way you can accept her premise without concluding at the very least that interracial marriage between white men and Asian women is somehow wrong. I’m a white man married to an Asian-American woman. Like the civil rights leaders in the 1960s, I believe interracial marriage is a sign of social progress.At its best, marriage is about human love, which transcends all considerations of race, class, and identity.To gain an incredible experience of the city, it is best to move around with a person who knows the ins and outs of the city.Many people who visit New York prefer to have a guide that knows all the exciting corners and is always ready to have fun.They’re bigots, losers, and attention-seekers who survive on the oxygen the media gives them.They’re a miniscule fraction of the population — numbering in the thousands in a nation of 323 million — and deserve to be snubbed out of public life.

Because of how big New York city is and the different demographics that exist, it is natural that one can find a visit to the city a bit overwhelming.Sadly, articles like “white supremacists have an Asian fetish” are counterproductive, bringing them even greater attention and trivializing the real legacy of white supremacy, the original sin of American history.has published articles about a white supremacist’s wedding registry, whether black and white preschoolers can really be friends, and how “nachos” and “Nazi” share the same etymological origin.In fact, Asian-American women are the only racial group to score net positive ratings from men of all ethnic groups. If someone told me Italians were the most handsome, creative, and intelligent people in the world, I would click my heels, praise their good sense, and go about my day.But rather than appreciate the fact that Asian-American women are considered highly attractive, Lim sees only a sneaking racial bias, a reflection of our upside-down cultural world where victimhood and oppression carry more social currency than even beauty and success.

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