Nannys dating

This included almost 10 weeks off paid this year, since she is paid during our vacations as well as for hers. Would you be cool with a wife that never worked outside the home?

I on't think you should be bothered by her being a nanny.

Lin Wood, who has represented heavyweights such as Dr.

I was just curious why a young woman an American from an UMC family with a STEM degree would find satisfaction in a career as a nanny, or if she had actually given up her dream of pursuing a STEM filed career to prepare to be a SAHM. Some nannies make much more than any entry level jobs in DC (think about nanny for a very rich family in DC).

ALso find out if she's flexible I wanted to be a mom and wanted to stay home when my kids were small but I was flexible with this idea and willing to change based on the needs of thefamily.

My nanny got paid less than what most of my friends were paying so update your amount. She plans to get her graduate degree in early child development or education.

If you are asking these questions, don't go to meet her. There's this false idea on DCUM that nannies make tones of money.

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