Moonlight dating sim 2 cheats

You can then sell it in buy mode, or move it around on your lot.The following cheats are ones that have been uncovered by Twisted Mexican , and although were not “officially” confirmed to be “100% safe” for use, have now been OK’d by developers.With testingcheats true enabled, SHIFT CLICK on any object and select Set as Head.To remove the object, go onto your ACTIVE lot, SHIFT Click and "Reset" the object.

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Be aware though that for some cheats you will have to change the default .When using aspiration potions, the sim will continue to sip from the cup forever and similarly, in the case of eating plates of food, the Sims will continue to eat the same plate of food forever. This has a 15% chance of spawning a fire and igniting your active sim each time you enter it. If you want to keep your sim alive have a shower ready. After a fire has occurred, 2 full sim days need to pass before the cheat is usable again.The command below will remove this timeout immediately. The combustion command lingers with your sim, meaning after the timeout runs out or is removed, your sim could spontaniously combust at any point in time.NOTE: "John Doe" is the selected Sim, and "Jane Doe" is the targeted Sim.To make mutual changes to the relationship, the target Sim must then become the selected Sim, and the cheat must be entered again.

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