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Have you ever considered the fact that Datemill is a small outfit, and don't have the resources of adobe or microsoft?The admin/backend looks like some pretty weak cheese. And your suggestion that the cursor is 'all over the screen' is strange.To install the Siv's Spouse Rooms feature, you must have SMAPI 0.40 installed.Instructions can be found in the : This mod comes with visual updates done by me, but they are optional.They seem to be interested in the more advanced social networking structure features that we offer as opposed to just giving users the same basic activities they find on every other community.But it's obvious to us that we need to develop these plugins since they do absolutely add value to the product, so we will be adding a good number of them in the upcoming 2.0 release.

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I have 2 addition's I would like to see implemented into future dolphins whether it be modules or part of a paid dolphin.I have been looking around and found only 2 sites that have this option.1 is just to join and another is to buy the software.I would be more then willing to purchase these additions if they were offered for Dolphin how about you?let me get this straight, on the one hand you want a script with basic features, and on the otherhand you want a cutting edge script which beats off all competititon. The only consistent element in your argument is that you want it in double quick time.

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