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In response to a previous poster: it's possible to be healthy and take care of yourself, and still succumb to drugs. I'm extremely healthy conscious, have been a vegetarian for most of my life, worked out like a fiend, was totally muscled up and in ridiculously good shake, and I started doing crack. I still worked out, still looked good, but had a serious drug problem. It just hit me one day that I was being stupid, and I stopped. yes, yes we know he's doing the voice overs but a visual of him walking down the street or shopping would be nice. Def has a type, shorter than him (he is 6'3") muscular (not muscle mary size) slightly furry and younger than him . His use - it was recreational - I have seen or worked with him on several occasions and he was never tweaking working, and this was late 90's before Pretender. He was starring at me while I was talking to my friends, I looked over and smiled. He said "i am enjoying talking to you want to come over and hang out?So..is possible to be healthy looking and muscled up etc and still do drugs. I was able to break the habit without going to rehab, thankfully.where are all the I SLEPT WITH MICHAEL T WEISS fans. Looks like 21 got deleted I slept with him a few times - He was directing a play that a few of my friends were in and at the after party he kept telling me I reminded him of someone. He is a very active bottom, his party choice keeps him going. " We got to his place he offered me a drink we sat and talked for maybe 5 mins before he leaned in and we started making out. We traded numbers but I figured ti was a one time thing. Yeah I have showered there lol spent the night more than once. Always chats about him rimming nothing in relationship to oral sex.seriously??It's funny - he will get on a packed L train at Bedford and none of the hipsters have any clue who he is.Which makes me think that's one of the reasons he moved there - it's perfect for anonymity. We started talking and he apologized for starring just that I reminded him of someone. The crowd at the after party slowly dwindled until I think we two were left.Did he really use Tina or just someone way of saying he's age. What is this people are suddenly questioning whether Michael is gay? Micheal may not have made an official announcement to the press, but otherwise he's never tried to hide being gay. had a bit of rough patch after his show ended, yes.If you look at his early work his face is thin and chin (though beatiful is weak) could just be someone that's aging and looking their age He looks older than 50 - as if he's had a really rough life, or was a smoker, and drinker, for years, which I don't believe is true. Even while he was on Pretender and likely could have advanced his career even further by being seen with a female. don't know for sure if it was meth, but we have had some past associations in common, so it wouldn't shock me.No, all the stories indicate that he took his Pretender money and went a little crazy after the show was canceled.

He went to Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois.

I've always wondered, what exactly earns you the title of 'power bottom' rather than just a plain, old regular, everyday average bottom ?? Great kisser, nice tool (thick), loves to rim and bottom. I believe r21 but I don't understand how Weiss managed to do meth and stay attractive and (apparently) sane.

Meth destroys your looks like nothing else ('cept Krocodil), and causes permanent brain damage ...doesn't it? He lives in my neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

He was an extra on Ordinary People early in his career and later played the role of Mike Horton on the soap opera, Days of our Lives. He starred in the soap opera, Days of Our Lives with Jensen Ackles.

He has a BFA in Acting from The University of Southern California's prestigious school of Drama.

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