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Although most Hebrew Israelites are neither explicitly racist nor anti-Semitic and do not advocate violence, there is a rising extremist sector within the Hebrew Israelite movement whose adherents believe that Jews are devilish impostors and who openly condemn whites as evil personified, deserving only death or slavery.

Black-clad security guards and Hebrew Israelite priests stand outside the Baltimore chapter of the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ.

Community members say they welcome Israeli visitors and are involved in Dimona civic life.

Also in 2003, the community hosted pop star Whitney Houston and her then-husband, Bobby Brown, on their tour of Israel.

The government deported some, while other deportation efforts were successfully appealed to the Supreme Court.

In 1979, a special Knesset committee recommended establishing an agricultural village in the Negev for the Black Hebrews “and providing them with the means to construct their own community.” The recommendations followed complaints by several Dimona residents who had appealed to the government, claiming the Black Hebrews “were having an adverse effect” on city and that they “were conducting services and carrying on practices similar to that of the notorious People’s Temple in Jones-town, Guyana.” In 2003, when Israel granted 2,500 Black Hebrews “permanent resident” status, JTA gave an overview of the group’s history in the country to date: …

The group's spiritual leader, Chicago native Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, died Dec. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90) -- Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, the spiritual leader of the African Hebrew Israelites, a group of African-Americans who, believing they were descendants of the biblical tribe of Judah, settled in Israel in the 1960s and ’70s, died last week. Ben-Israel’s community now numbers about 3,000, with most living in the Negev town of Dimona.From 1973 through the early 1990s, the community had no legal status, and many members of the group — who had renounced their U. The Black Hebrews’ cause was not helped by their insistence that they were the true Jews and that the Israelis were usurpers.As their case made its was through Israeli courts, they mounted a campaign against the state that many saw as vitriolic and anti-Semitic.There are now extremist Hebrew Israelite churches in cities throughout Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Oregon.Confrontations between Hebrew Israelite street preachers and their perceived enemies are growing uglier and gaining increasing attention through video clips circulated to legions of viewers on websites like You Tube.

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